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Neoline Info Solutions is focusing with next generation digital services and consulting. We steer the digital journey by enabling the enterprise with an AI-powered core that helps the prioritization and execution of change. We harness the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies to help our clients and make them successful  by empowering with more agile and intuitive processes.. Neo Line recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, business outsourcing, and product engineering service. We connect the ideas and implement the dots to build a better, sustainable and a bold new future. We provide high quality services for various web, desktop, mobile application and product engineering developments.

AI Powered Solutions
Agile Process
Blockchain SECURITY
Data Analytics
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Blockchain driven innovations in the Logistics and supply chain will have the potential to deliver tremendous business value by increasing supply chain transparency, reducing risk, and improving efficiency of overall supply chain management. Intelligent supply chains are built on three foundational elements — stock visibility across networks, automated decision making, and effective partnerships. These elements manifest themselves through concepts such as inventory control towers, artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled demand forecasting, and streamlined inventory information across the network..

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Data Analytics

AI enabled platform allows business to reimagine processes, accelerate growth, and be at the forefront of transformation. Several parameters in a complex customer purchase and supply chain make it difficult to manage decisions and demand. Dashboard to simulate forecasts by changing sales drivers such as price, promotion, distribution, and the number of products to accommodate the fluctuations. AI powered forecasting reduces the errors with respect traditional forecasting. we help our clients transform their organizations to become a thriving Live Enterprise by augmenting their core digital capabilities, advancing their operating models and transforming their talent for the future

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We are innovation–led, enterprise transformation partner build for today’s digital challenges. We make extra ordinary things to happen for brand, business and their customers through interaction, integration and innovations. Software defined architecture addresses customer’s next generation IT requirements by enabling agility and scalability which generating new revenue streams. We build a connect customer journey based on empathy and trust through intelligent solutions. Our Digital Navigation Framework paves the way for this transformation with vital digital capabilities

Building an analytics driven enterprise

Big Data for Digital Future

In today’s digital world, data analytics and AI play a key role in transforming native business operations, creating new business models and unleashing process improvements. Our digital Marketing service offering helps enterprises build deeper customer relationships by providing contextualized and personalized experiences, analytics-driven data intelligence for insights-driven action, and faster and optimized execution of digital programs for superior ROI. We have helped clients increase conversions, reduce turnaround times, increase customer advocacy, and reduce revenue leakage. Effective marketing in today’s digital age is as much about campaigns as it is about content. Digital marketing needs speed and reach of content with a robust effort that can power the marketing efforts.

Blockchain in Logistics

Logistics is becoming increasingly complex, with more parties directly or indirectly involved in supply chains. This complexity is creating challenges related to communication and end-to-end visibility – making logistics processes inefficient. At the same time expectations of all participants in the supply chain related to transparency, reliability and service are increasing.
Blockchain is emerging as a possible solution for these challenges.
Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. While the majority of people think that blockchain is limited to cryptocurrencies, its real-world application scenarios are innumerable. The revolutionary technology is affecting every industry across the globe and is going to rewrite the rules of business. The logistics industry is the backbone of all businesses across the globe. It is a trillion-dollar industry that is growing exponentially with each passing year. The blockchain is going to alter the landscape of the logistics industry. World started experimenting with enterprise software and systems based on the technology, businesses have started seeing the advantages that blockchain brings in logistics. It can prevent frauds, eliminate inaccuracies, increase data security and transparency, improve efficiency, and reduce expenditure. A few early adopters recognize the benefits of the blockchain applications in logistics and have started experimenting and implementing it for an unprecedented advantage

Technology in the hands of businessmen

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)

The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) has disrupted the digital payments domain. ONDC seeks to achieve something similar for e-commerce. It aims to “democratize” digital commerce, moving it away from platform-centric big giant’s models to an open network. ONDC may enable more sellers to be digitally visible. The transactions will be executed through an open network. According to people in the know, the system may empower merchants and consumers by breaking the silos that exist today. It will eventually touch every business, from retail goods and food to mobility.
The ONDC is still a work in progress and the details are sketchy. But here is what we know: the network may make it easier for a small retailer to be discovered. Once a retailer lists its products or services using the ONDC’s open protocol, the business can be discovered by consumers on e-commerce platforms that follow the same protocol. A consumer searching for the product can see the location of the seller and opt to buy from the neighborhood shop that can deliver faster compared to an e-commerce company. This may promote hyperlocal delivery of goods such as groceries, directly from sellers to consumers.


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