Latest Trends In E-commerce

Latest Trends In E-commerce

We spend our daily time more on the internet for study, business, work, marketing, learning, and entertainment. Now all these social activities and commercial are connected to the internet and e-commerce is at the heart of the internet. And without e-commerce the world around the internet is impossible and it will scare you to imagine. That’s why e-commerce is important in our daily life. The learning and the shopping habit of customers are changed due to e-commerce. Customers are more engaged in stunning brands, advertisements, offers, and amazing shopping experience through e-commerce. Competition among this field is very high. Every business marketers have to promote their goods and services at their peak position by online marketing. E-commerce has changed the buying and selling habit of merchants and customers there is no doubt for that. E-commerce giant like Amazon, Walmart are in running through their success stories will leave a lasting impression on India’s e-commerce landscape. If you want to continue boosting sales and conversion rates over time, it’s important to stay ahead of the latest online shopping trends and services.

Some of the latest trends are:
1. Animation
Motion on a screen will always attract attention. The auto-played videos will grab more attention to viewers that’s why these videos are so popular on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Use animated videos and motions to the website to engage and attract more viewers.

2. Artificial intelligence
The rise of chatbots (conversation AI) is one of 2019’s most popular e-commerce trends helping brands interact with customers at scale. In addition to answering common customer questions, messenger bots
are also able to communicate the buying process for online shoppers.
This e-commerce trend provides immense value to busy consumer’s which demand immediate answers, regardless of the time of day. AI permits e-commerce businesses to support customers on all platforms.

3. High-quality photos and videos
Photos and videos can make it difficult to differentiate your brand. Use branded photography and videography on your social media, website, and to create a memorable experience for shoppers to visit again.

4. Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR)
With AR and VR can imagine the ability to design your home or office without having to purchase the items first. With augmented reality and virtual reality, that’s becoming a common application for innovative e-commerce companies to give a new experience to customers. Magnolia Market is an example of how to convert shoppers into buyers through the use of an AR-enabled shopping experience, allowing app users to visualize home products before they buy it a fresh experience to users to buy the

5. Machine learning
Machine learning describes machines that are used to learn and make decisions by examining large amounts of data. It makes calculated suggestions or make predictions based on analyzing this information and performs tasks that are considered to require human intelligence. This includes activities like speech recognition, translation, visual perception, and face detection and more.

6. one-click purchasing
E-commerce store must be mobile-friendly and easy to access. The checkout process should be as simple and easy as possible. But if you really want to keep up with e-commerce trends in 2019, aim for the one-click ordering of goods and services. This can increase impulse buys, boost your conversion rate, and satisfy busy shoppers.