The technologies and marketing trends are rapidly changing in day to day life of information technology. Innovative technologies are arriving within seconds in every field. We have to up- to-date and stay tuned with almost all changing trends and upcoming innovations. We have tune our mind to accept the reality in this field.
There are many new digital marketing trends and techniques that are evolving in the current advanced, Internet-linked era and many businesses now need to use them to succeed in their efforts because what worked for you last year may not work this year.
Every business marketers want their products and services in their peak position by increasing more visitors to their sites. Trends and technologies are rapidly changing in the field of technologies. So, we have to stay updated with the current marketing techniques.
Following are some ways to stay up-to-date with digital marketing,

•Update your news feed.
Make sure you customize your business’s feeds on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so that you can easily absorb the relevant and trending topics on that day. If you don’t have time to click through the article and read an article that sounds fascinating, use a “save for later” app like Pocket so you can revisit it when you have more time.
•Leverage your team.
Start a corporation wide email alias wherever team members will share attention-grabbing findings or articles.
•Use SEO.
If a lot of people are searching for something on Google, its likely popular.
Try using a relatively inexpensive SEO tool to enter keywords in your industry to identify emerging patterns in people’s searching behavior.
•Remember to network
Conferences, local networking events, training, and Facebook groups are dedicated to getting you in front of both colleagues and experts.

•Engage with your customers.
Interesting feedback in the form of surveys or simply replying to customers’ posts on your social channels are good ways to see your industry from your audience’s perspective. Don’t ever underestimate the power of customer insight.
•Keep an eye on your competitors.
By observant what your competitors do, you can capitalize on emerging news, trends, and opportunities. Sure, staying earlier than the competition is vital, but knowing what they’re up to is one part of coming out on top.
Some of the upcoming trends in digital marketing are:
1. Voice Search
Voice search is undoubtedly rising in popularity. There are principally two varieties of voice search, those that are implemented by smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Homepod, Google Home and Microsoft’s Cortana which give searchers immediate voice answers to their queries and people that are put in desktops, and smartphones such as Siri and Google Assistant which display written search results.
2. Smarter Chat
Chatbots have been rising in the few recent years and still persists in 2019. Chatbots play a critical role in improving the customer experience and allow marketers to better engage with their audience without really doing much. They offer real-time assistance to the user, good community support and proactive interactions where they ask questions to understand the real problem.
3. Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing
Augmented reality ads are one of the major applications that are now used by some marketers. It’s the way to bring static or unreal environments into an additional realistic expertise.
4. Live Videos
Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are now common trending social media platform for marketing the customer needs, live content is the fastest growing segment of internet video traffic due to the remarkable waves in the recent 3 years.

Live streaming content is effective because it’s free, takes a short time to produce while it offers a real-time user engagement, and viewers use your content based on your time, not theirs.
5. AI and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning interestingly grooming technologies. In fact, the AI has been prosperous in marketing a large influence simplifying the services and also the bidding method. When it gets collaborated with machine learning, it will do wonders to any business in obtaining valuable information and real-time analytics. AI permits marketers to anticipate future probable patterns of their customers supported collected knowledge. It is expected to penetrate various new areas in 2019 affecting jobs like banking, finance, accounting and even
intellectual jobs such as teaching. In the growing world of big data, it is important to have an effective data science strategy to help make better business decisions. Machine learning describes machines that are used to learn and make decisions by examining large amounts of data. It makes calculated suggestions or make predictions based on analyzing this information and performs tasks that are considered to require human intelligence. This includes activities like speech recognition, translation, visual perception, and face detection and more.